Baked Honey Curry Chicken

This is a simple and budget friendly curried chicken dish made with just five ingredients from Madey Edlin! Great for busy weeknights… simply serve with a side of rice and your favorite veggies!

Madey Edlin


This is one of those recipes that is handwritten on a recipe card, that my mom probably collected at a dinner party or a childhood birthday party. It’s from a dear friend of my mother’s whom passed away a few years ago. The recipe card is cherished for the keepsake of her handwriting. It’s only made every once in a while due to my father’s detest of curry, but tonight those who love curry outweigh the one who doesn’t.

I am sitting in my parent’s kitchen waiting for dinner to be finished, smelling the sweet curry scent wafting out of the oven, getting over jet leg and trying to remember what my real life looks like. This past week has been a scramble to catch up on two weeks of homework and catching up with my classes. I am taking a French class this term and it’s going to kill me!…

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