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12 Days of Christmas Holiday Cake and Cheesecake – Day 3

So for day 3 of my Christmas Holiday Cakes and Cheesecakes I am offering two cakes with fruity, boozy goodness (optional for one of the recipes)…and if you guessed fruit cakes, yep, you are right!

Wait, come back, don’t run away!

I realize that fruit cakes are one of those things that you either really, really love or really, really hate! And, for all you fruit cake haters there seem to be a million jokes to champion and further support your dislike of this poor little beleaguered cake. So, heck, to join in the holiday spirit of things, even though I happen to love fruit cake, I couldn’t resist getting in on the action by sharing with y’all this cute little video below…

Grandma’s Killer Fruitcake – A Holiday Song  for All You Fruit Cake Despisers (and those of us fruit cake lovers with a sense of humor)!

Grandma's Killer Fruitcake Music Video
Grandma’s Killer Fruit Cake YouTube Music Video

I hope you enjoyed the song! 🙂 So now back to the business of  fruit cakes…

Since there seems to be no middle ground for the love of fruit cake, I decided that perhaps for the first cake I could offer a popular Jamaican version called Black Cake .   While Jamaican Black Cake also contains the dreaded citron and other dried fruits that seem to be the root cause of why people despise fruit cake the fruit for this cake is processed into mushy goodness through the use of a food processor, so what remains are smaller bits of the dried candy rather than usual big chunks as is the case for regular fruitcakes.

Luckily, I happen to have been blessed with the gift of receiving one of these delicious cakes from a Jamaican friend returning from Christmas holiday a few years ago. Her mom had lovingly made several of them for her to bring back to the states to share with her friends. What a blessing those cakes were! A true gustatory experience… one which I still lovingly dream of to this day… (sigh, licking my lips, relieving that delicious first bite of her mom’s cake which quickly led to another bite, and another, and…) Oops, sorry! I’m back from dreamland!

So anyway, since I don’t have her mom’s secret recipe, I have found a version which is very similar and uses the same ingredients. I’ll warn you now, though… there are a lot of ingredients and, yes, a lot of booze too (two kinds to be exact)!  But the end result of this cake is truly worth the time and effort, I promise you!

For those of you who watch the cooking channel’s “My Grandmother’s Ravioli” with Mo Rocca (he is such a nut!) you may have seen this popular episode – everyone loved Venetta Lurine Williams as she served up this delicious Jamaican Black Cake recipe in the Island Eats episode.  Since the video does not contain the complete recipe, I am also including a link to the actual recipe which contains the list of ingredients and step-by-step  instructions:

Grandma Venetta’s Jamaican Black Cake Recipe Video with Mo Rocc from Cooking Channel TV’s “Not My Grandmother’s Ravioli – Island Eats”

Mo Rocca and Grandma Venetta - Jamaican Black Cake Video
Mo Rocca and Grandma Venetta cooking up a delicious Jamaican Black Cake in “Not My Grandmother’s Ravioli – Island Eats”

Visit this link for the full recipe and instructions for this delicious Black Cake!

Grandma Venetta's Jamacain Black Cake Recipe
Grandma Venetta’s Jamaican Black Cake Recipe

Finally, my 2nd and final fruitcake choice is a light fruitcake that has received great reviews and is the perfect recipe for those of us who LOVE fruitcake.  The addition of alcohol in this cake is entirely optional (but oh, so good!).

Golden Fruit Cake
Tools For Kitchens – Golden Fruit Cake

This golden fruit cake recipe featured on Tools For Kitchens is noted as being moist and delicious – just the way a fruitcake should be.  Plan on making this cake two weeks ahead of time (you might want to get started now 😉 ) if you wish to soak the cake in brandy or cognac (oh, please do!).

Okay, I know I’ve certainly given you lots to think about in this post.  I do hope you will give one of these delicious fruit cake recipes a try – I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

And before you go, please tell me… are you a fruit cake lover or a fruit cake hater –  ‘cuz their seems to be no in-between! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit me again tomorrow for Day 4 of my Christmas Holiday Cake and Cheesecake recipe roundup.  For a hint on tomorrow’s recipe, think “easy and fun to make with the kids”!  Take care ’til then, y’all!