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12 Days of Christmas Holiday Cake and Cheesecake – Day 7

Welcome back, everyone!

For today’s featured recipe I have decided to choose a rather basic, but still beautiful, white cake.

Mrs. Billetts White Cake
Mrs. Billett’s White Cake – A Southern Living Recipe featured on myrecipes.com


How pretty is this cake! Known as Mrs. Billett’s White Cake, this is a very popular Southern Living cake recipe that is featured on myrecipes.com and would make a beautiful cake to serve on Christmas day.

I would like to suggest to everyone that they carefully follow the reader’s comments as they offer a wealth of tips and additional suggestions that will help in making this beautiful cake a successful addition to your baking repertoire.

Also, as you see in the above picture this is a very “white” cake, but if you are to follow the recipe as it is written your cake will have a more yellowish tint to it.  The reason for this will be due to the use of butter and vanilla extract.  If you wish to have a truly white cake then you will need to replace the butter with shortening and use “clear” vanilla extract.  The use of shortening will impart the cake with a different taste and texture so I leave that decision up to ya’ll! 🙂

For those of you who would enjoy watching a video on how to make beautiful white chocolate snowflakes to use as toppers with this cake please visit my Day 2 post of this Holiday Christmas Cake and Cheesecake Series.  Edible silver sugar pearls would also be very pretty, as would several other edible festive touches.

Once again, thanks for stopping by ya’ll. I would love to hear your ideas on other great ideas for decorating this beautiful cake.